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Lock Change vs Re-key

What should I do? Rekey or change locks?

Are you stuck on the decision whether to rekey or change your locks?

Are you wondering which would be the best step to take?

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These are the most common situations that will push you into considering changing your locks?

But the question remains; is it worth it?

Could there be another and cheaper solution to this problem?

Most people are never aware that there is a better and much cheaper solution to the above questions.

Other than changing all those locks in your house, you can opt to rekey them.

It is true not all the time rekeying will be the best solution, but through this article, we will explain why and when you should choose either between the two.

 What is the difference between a lock change and a lock re-key?

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Just as the two words sound, changing locks involves changing an old lock and replacing it with a completely new one.

On the other hand, while rekeying involves changing a working key and the entire locking system with a different one.

Therefore, the difference comes in that while changing the Lock, you change everything, while when rekeying, you retain the same Lock, but the old key can no longer open it.

When should you rekey your Lock?

As a homeowner, two main scenarios will always force you to rekey your locks rather than change them. among them include;

1. When you are happy and satisfied with your locks, you want a change of the key so the old key can no longer work.

This mainly happens when you have moved to a new place, and you have no knowledge of anyone else who would be having the key to your locks.

This would also happen if you lose a copy of your keys and might not be sure of anyone else who would be having the key.

You would also be avoiding or preventing someone else who would be having your key from entering your house to another option.

2. A situation where you have many different locks, but you want them to match a single key.

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When should you change your Lock?

Despite rekeying is the best option due to its reliability and affordability, there are times when changing the locks is the only option.

Such of these scenarios include when all you need is locks with different colors and designs.

This mostly happens when your locks are old, but you want to get new ones.

Secondly, changing the locks may also be the only solution for your home when you want to upgrade your locks to higher security locks, for instance, electronic locks.

You might also want to have locks with different brands, and you want them to work with a similar key.

All you need to note is that before changing the locks, it is advisable to look for a locksmith who will supply some of them with

a matching key.

This will help increase convenience while opening them.

Which is the better between the two?

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Given either rekeying or changing your locks, it is always better to rekey them unless it is a scenario where the only option is purchasing new locks.

Rekeying can never at any time be compared to changing your locks, more so when it comes to affordability.

Other than affordability, the process required is straightforward, as all you need is the required tools.

When it comes to time, changing the locks may, at times, take a lot of your time as you open the screws and later tightening them back.

With this well stated, if there is a chance to rekey the locks, it would always be a better solution to go for rather than changing the locks.

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Before choosing a locksmith to guide you through your locks’ rekeying and changing process, be wise about the person you choose.

Some will try to take advantage of your ignorance and instead give you a different and expensive option.

In this case, when it comes to rekeying and changing the locks, always be wise on the path you take.



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