DIY Ignition Switch Replacement

How to replace a faulty ignition switch Yourself?

Having a car is the best feeling ever especially for a raised status.

However, the prestige at times may be short-lived as you are faced with mechanical issues trying to start up the vehicle.

A stuck key in the ignition
How to remove a stuck key in the ignition column. Try to giggle the steering wheel gently

Ignition of a car is the first important thing before anything else since this puts the car into motion as well as powering other essential functions.

At times the ignition switch may spoil hence causing you stress.

But you don’t need to panic as we guide you on how you can replace the ignition switch at your home garage with ease.

Replacing an ignition switch is not quite a hard affair as you can do it easily by using simple tools.

Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to go about replacing this switch.

Cut off the battery power by disconnecting the negative terminal

It is essential to disconnect power to ensure that every activity will be safe while working out on switch replacement.

After removing the negative terminal, it’s advisable to tuck it under the battery or anywhere else to ensure that it does not reconnect itself.

Unscrew the trim covering the steering wheel

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For you to get hold of the ignition switch, you will have to get rid of the cover casings around the steering wheel.

Using a standard screwdriver, loosen the screws holding the casing together.

Depending on the model of your car, there may be extra fastening measures on the same casing.

This means that some may be held together by plastic clips.

In some vehicles, it is possible to replace the ignition switch without even removing the steering wheel.

However, in some, you will need to remove it on your way.

Locate the ignition cylinder and clip it off

Remove a broken in the ignition
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Once the casing is off, then the ignition cylinder is visible.

Use your set of tools to release the ignition module from its harness carefully.

This time as you are so close to the airbag component, it’s good to work out with care to avoid setting off the airbag or even tampering with it.

The ignition switch will be located on the ignition cylinder.

Therefore, when successfully retrieved, the task should be halfway complete.

Release the ignition switch from the ignition module

Use a heavy object but thin enough to fit on the small holes holding the switch to the ignition cylinder.

If your screwdriver cannot fit on the small holes, use anything long but strong to press.

Slip the ignition switch out

DIY Ignition Switch Replacement
An ignition system broken apart from the steering column.

After releasing the switch slide out of its casing on the steering wheel.

The switch should come out quickly without any resistance.

However, for many older vehicles, it would not worry you once the switch gets stuck a bit.

If the switch is stuck, press the release holes harder.

Replace the ignition key with the new one

Once you get hold of the faulty ignition switch, it is upon your preference to replace the switch. Just detach the old switch from its wiring and reattach the new one.

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However, if you still want to keep the old car keys, you can go for the option of repairing the faulty switch.

if the repair process is difficult for yourself, then call for skilled personnel.

Nevertheless, the best option for a faulty ignition switch has a new replacement.

This is because the cost of repair at times may not be economical, especially given the different vehicle models.

Run a test of your new ignition switch

Temporarily slide back the ignition cylinder to its position.

After you are sure it is secure, reconnect the negative terminal on your battery.

Turn the key on the ignition switch to test whether it is working.

If all the functions work correctly, then your switch is in good order.

Switch off the car and prepare to redo the same procedure you did while removing the switch.

It shouldn’t be hard as it will just be repeating a task.

Screw the steering casing back

A stuck key in the ignition
How to remove a stuck key in the ignition column. Try to giggle the steering wheel gently

Once you are confident that the ignition cylinder is secure in its rightful position and working order, remove the negative terminal again as you prepare to screw back the steering casing, clip back the plastic holds gently to ensure they line smoothly.

Fasten the previously removed screws and tighten them again.

Reconnect the battery

After you are through with screwing back, reconnect the battery as forgetting this would lead to confusion.

After the procedure, your ignition switch is as good as new.