Symptoms Of A Bad Ignition Switch

Some of the signs your ignition switch is failing.

The ignition switch is the basic and most important component that you will find in any car.

It is always the gateway to starting and stopping your vehicle.

This means, with a faulty ignition switch, your car cannot move nor function.

A stuck key in the ignition
How to remove a stuck key in the ignition column. Try to giggle the steering wheel gently

This vital component is located at the steering column right at the ignition cylinder.

These two works together as one system to help the car start whenever the key has been turned.

Why does the ignition switch become faulty?

To this question, the ignition component is the most used.

This means it is always susceptible to wear out whenever the vehicle is powered.

The best thing with the switch, it will always show some signs before it becomes faulty.

The symptoms always work as an alert to the driver of a possible issue, and this is why we will discuss some of those symptoms that should always inform you of a bad ignition switch.

Your car jerks and then abruptly stops

Remove a broken in the ignition
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This is the most common and first symptom that should inform you of a faulty ignition switch.

With this symptom, it means your car will start after turning the key, but it will turn off immediately after the engine picks.

With such a problem, you should know the main problem is with the power supply to the ignition system.

With this symptom, the only best solution is to act fast to seek the help of a mechanic or a locksmith.

Your car stops while in motion

This is another prevalent symptom of a faulty ignition switch.

This usually happens while your vehicle is in motion, meaning it happens after power has been cut off to the ignition cylinder.

Solving this problem may depend on the specific situation since, at times, it may be possible to restart the vehicle again while at other times, it would be impossible.

The car failing to power the accessories

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Any person who has driven a car before can confirm anytime you turn your key at the ignition, your car accessories including the backlights, are supposed to power on.

In case you do this, and nothing shows, you are supposed to know there is a problem with your ignition switch automatically.

However, this will not always be the case all the time, since a spoilt or low battery may also cause this.

In this case, if you know and you are sure your battery is in good condition, then it should be automatic the problem is with the switch.

Your car completely fails to start

Whenever you ignite your vehicle, it is supposed to start.

At times you may try to turn the key, but it completely fails to start.

In case of such a scenario, you should automatically know there is a problem with your ignition switch.

The main cause of this problem may, in most cases, be wear and tear of the ignition system or key.

On such the only solution is trying to troubleshoot it or call a professional car locksmith to help you identify the main cause of the problem.

Key fails to turn completely

DIY Ignition Switch Replacement
An ignition system broken apart from the steering column.

The ignition system of a car is designed in a way that once it is turned, it should move easily.

In case you try this, and it seems locked, then automatically, there is a problem with the ignition switch of your vehicle.

However, at times if this happens, it may be a simple steering lock, and therefore, you may take a step by trying to jiggle the steering a little to be sure it is not a wheel lock.

Zero noise from the motor after starting the car

One sign your car is going to ignite is some sound actuating from the engine.

In case you turn the key at the ignition and no results from the engine, then you should know there is a very high chance your ignition switch is faulty.

A stuck key in the ignition
How to remove a stuck key in the ignition column. Try to giggle the steering wheel gently

Being the gateway to all the functions of your vehicle means the ignition switch is the most frequently used component in the entire system of your car.

This frequency is what makes it most susceptible to mechanical issues.

Luckily, before the system ultimately comes to a halt, you will be sure to come across a few of the symptoms mentioned above.

This means in case you suspect a related issue with the symptoms mentioned above, take swift action to service to find a solution to your vehicle.

If possible, always look for professional help to get the entire ignition system replaced.