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Establishing a construction is one thing and keeping it secure is another. There is a lot at stake if you do not have a properly secured property, be it a home or a business place. Securing a place means ensuring that all your valuables are well protected. You can achieve this by installing locks in your cabinets and ensuring that your exterior doors are burglar-proof. Installing locks on your doors is the most effective way of ensuring that you are well protected. With the numerous locks sold in the market, it is easy to get confused about which one will best suit your needs. Well, this article is here to give some of the locks and where they would suit best.

Deadbolt locks

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Repairing a door lock

Deadbolts are an effective and cheap way to ensure that your exterior door is secure. This lock has a cylinder that runs through your door and has a keyhole on the other side. Generally, a deadbolt operates with a keyhole on the outside and a cylinder on the inside. Thus, the only way to open the door from the outside is by helping a key that will open and close the door. Besides their use on exterior doors, deadbolts can be useful on drawers and doors. Deadbolts come in two types, single and double cylinders.

You will need a key to open the door for the single-cylinder lock when you are outside the house. From the inside, you can sue the doorknob, which you turn to open the door. On the other hand, a double cylinder lock will require a key, whether inside or outside the house. A double cylinder lock is effective, especially where the lock is installed near a window so that an intruder can access the lock through the window.

Combination locks

Combination locks require numbers, letters, a combination of the two, or even symbols to open. The most common way of entering this combination is through keypad entry or a rotating dial. Combination locks come in various forms. There are single, multiple, and electronic dials.

For the single dials, they use a single combination dial, which is attached to a spindle. When you turn the dial, the spindle will interact with discs found behind the dial. These discs will then turn the dial until when the dial is correctly aligned, the lock will open. The single dial lock is often prevalent in school lockers ad safes.

Multiple dials utilize many dials, which need to be set manually for the discs to line up appropriately for the lock to open. These are common in briefcases, bike locks, and luggage.

Electronic combination locks have a different sequence entry method. Instead of a dial, this clock uses a keypad to enter the symbols or letters to complete the sequence. This one is found in safes, lockers, and some secure containers.

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Replacing a digital key

Cam locks

These locks are cheap and straightforward. This lock has a cylindrical base and piece of metal known as the cam that sits perpendicular to the base. When you insert a key and turn it, the cam goes up and down, opening the lock. Different cam locks have different types of cams. The most popular one is the straight and hooked cams. They are used to secure cabinets, furniture, and other smaller compartments. They are easier to install than other locks, and they come in different sizes and colors. With their simple working mechanism, these locks are not ideal for exterior doors.

Keyless locks

If you want better convenience on your building, less stress about losing the keys to your home, then, the keyless locks are the best selection. The keyless locks are electrically connected to ab electromagnet installed at the top or sides of the door. When the door locks, the electromagnet engages, holding the door shut. However, with the right combination, you break the electrical circuit, thus disengaging the electromagnet. As a result, the door opens.  These locks are not only safe from wear and tear, but you also reduce the stress that comes with being locked out of your home, breaking the key in the locks or even losing your keys. However, it is essential to note that the keyless locks are not immune to problems. Whenever you forget the combination, you have to call an expert for help.



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