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Things to Know Before Rekeying Your House in Boston

Are you looking to have a house rekey done? It is perfectly reasonable to want a house to rekey if you just moved into a new house or office, someone breaks into your home, or your ex refuses to let go of the spare keys. Or maybe your locks are just exhausted! These are only a few reasons why people rekey their houses. However, several conditions necessitate rekeying locks. The entire essence is safety and peace of mind.

Many people often go for a door lock replacement, but this can be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult. It might be more practical to get house locks changed.

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Rekeying a door in Boston

What does it mean Rekey Your House?

Rekeying means to make changes internally to a lock with an already existing configuration so that a different key type can open it. This is usually done to render the previous key useless. This means that whoever had the key in the last lock will no longer have access.

What You Should Know Before Rekeying Your House in Boston

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when in need of a rekey:

The Difference between Replacing and Rekeying

Replacing and rekeying are ways for house locks change to take place. Using both methods, you still render the previous keys useless. In replacing the door lock, you get rid of the old lock on the door, and you replace it with a new lock. With a house rekey. However, you get the configuration to match your new key so that the old one no longer matches. Replacing the locks is more time consuming and expensive, and rekeying has quickly become the best way to make an old key obsolete.

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It’s vital to know the cost of a house rekeys before going for one. Homeowners often opt for replacing the locks because they think it’s less complicated, but in reality, rekeying costs less and is easier. It will cost between eighty dollars to a hundred and sixty dollars to hire a locksmith. The kits cost around twenty dollars, but you may not need to get this when you’re hiring a locksmith.


It is not convenient to fumble through keys searching for one key because you have different locks for your home’s doors. It is much more convenient to have a single key and locks that match each other. This way, you will not have to search through a bunch of keys in search of your front door key. This can be easily accomplished when you rekey locks all over your house so that they match.

When to Rekey

Your locks ensure that you are safe from invasion or harm. Many times, though, when you believe you need a replacement, you may need a rekey, and many times when you think you do not need any lock modifications, you do. Here are a few situations in which you should rekey:

When You Buy a Home from Someone

The most common way to own a home is to purchase one from someone else: the previous owner. One mistake many make is not to carry out a house locks change. It is presumptuous to think that the agent or the previous owner changed the locks or rekeyed. It is safer to always rekey locks on a home purchased from the previous homeowner. The reason is, the agent or previous owner may not have rekeyed, and you have no idea had the key to the house.

When You Have Had Tenants

Whenever your past tenant leaves, you should rekey your locks. This is because there is a possibility that the tenant had copies of the key, and several other people may have these copies. Since you do not know how many copies were probably made and who has these copies, it is safer to rekey, to keep both you and your new tenant safe.

When You Have Lost Your Keys

This is a huge reason to rekey your locks. In cases like this that involve a house lockout, you should call a locksmith, like the Mobile Locksmith Squad, to let you back into your house. After this, then you should have all locks on your deadbolts and door handles rekeyed. The reason is that anyone may have picked up your key; they may be returned to you, but there is no way to be sure that copies were not made. Thus, rekeying a safer option.

When Your Keys are Stolen

If your purse has been stolen, or your keys, this is an important reason to rekey your home. This is also a case of a house lockout, as access to your house gets into the wrong hands, and your property may be in danger. Chances are, your wallet may have been in your purse, and your ID card with your home address may be available to the thief. Your home may be susceptible to burglary, and it is crucial to act fast and rekey your house.

When You Buy a Construction Home

You may be asking why you would need to rekey the new construction home since no one has lived in it. The truth is, you have no idea the number of contractors that have a key to the house from the construction period. The builder might have changed the locks, but chances are, they replaced them with builder-grade locks, which offer low-quality, temporary solutions, and low-cost locks. Plus, your locks may have been master keyed, which means that many kinds of keys can fit your locks – this is not good. Overall, it’s best to act with your safety and the safety of your property in mind.

When Your Locks are Getting Old and Ineffective

In cases where your locks are getting old, and they are no longer as effective as they used to be, the way to go is to opt for a house rekeyed. It is normal for your locks to degrade as time passes. Its exteriors may still look good as new. However, the insides will wear over time. The locks are getting weary and will eventually fail. You do not want to wait till the day it fails and becomes an emergency and a threat to your safety.

When Someone Has Broken into Your House

A break-in is a devastating occurrence and can leave one suffering from the trauma of fear. It leaves the homeowner feeling violated and can be hard to move past. In such cases, getting your locks rekeyed is necessary, especially if there was no sign that force was used to gain access. Even when you find that force was used, there is no guarantee that copies of your keys were not taken. It is best to rekey your home so that you have peace and a sense of safety.

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These points are just a few of the vital points to note before you rekey locks in your home. If you are in any of the above situations, you should do well to rekey your locks.  Do you need to carry out a house rekey in Boston? Contact us today to get a seamless rekey service!



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