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Is Drilling the Lock Worth the Investment?

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Locks are essential as it provides security to your home or business. With it, you can never feel even more secured and guarded against any potential crime or accident.

There are already hundreds of locksmith teams who are doing their very best in every bit of their services worldwide. These teams offer their services with confidence that it is instilled with quality and reliability. One of the trusted teams, especially in Boston, MA, is the Mobile Locksmith Squad. This squad is known in this place as they are passionate and focused when providing their customers with various locksmith services.

However, there are still queries, especially those customers who will be acquiring locksmith service (drilling the lock) for the first time. Is it worth the investment? Will it bring benefits or not?

Because of this, getting to know with locksmith way deeper and familiarizing yourself with its worth as an investment is a must. If you continue reading this article, enlightenment and guidance will surely come along your way for you to prove that locksmith (drilling the lock) is worth your investment.

What does drilling actually mean?

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Drilling is referred to as the method of destructive entry. It is typically used after every unlocking technique that has been executed.  It also means that when it is used on a lock, it will break the mechanism then require a lock replacement. For that, the last resort will be drilling. Always remember that drilling the lock will be done and used only when other methods to open the locked door is no longer available. It is something that needs no charging or rushing.

Moreover, before drilling a lock, several things and reminders must be considered. These will help you find a locksmith with the potentials and qualities that suit your needs for your lock concerns. It is essential to consider these things to achieve better and effective locks and drilling services, all made by locksmith teams just for you.

Pick the lock first

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Raking- this method refers to unlocking the locks that do not have any certainty of being identified by the locksmith or security pins. If the lock does not have any of these two, raking must be done to provide the technician with a false set. This called a false set needs to be contained through a plug that keeps the tension. At this point, rocking the lock can be possible, beginning an attempt to (SPP) single pin pick the device or bitch pick it. As these things are being attempted, adjustments from greater to less of the tension will be done by the locksmith and troubleshooting the lock. If these methods are not still enough to open the lock, other tools can be used. If a manual or electrical pick gun is available, it can be used. Just make sure that time is not being wasted and there is proper tension. When there is still no feedback from the lock, or the locksmith can’t even feel the inside of the apparatus, continuing the process is nonsense.

Bump the lock

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Depending on the type of the lock and the technician’s skill set and preference, this can be the first attempted method. The bump key will be placed outside the lock appropriately, and before the strike, it must be shallow about one click on being inserted. Then, the bump key will be correctly struck for some time. When the process took over a minute, there is a possibility that this cannot work. It always depends on sheer luck. With 20 strikes just in 30 seconds, this is an indication that it will be nonsense. This can happen if you use the standard key, but it can be extended to a minute if you use the modified one.

Search for an alternative way into the house

All of the doors and even the windows are now identified to be completely locked up. In this matter, finding an alternative way to get into the house must be done. Even with picking or bumping the lock processes, nothing will be done if the locks can’t be opened. The only possible thing to get inside is through a destructive entry. It can be through the window or the door, and drilling the lock is the answer. Drilling the lock will allow a chance to get inside the house though it brings little damage to the client’s property.

Ask for permission or an agreement from the client to drill the lock.

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After informing the client of what is happening or the best way to get inside the house, asking for permission or an agreement to perform the needed task must be done. Through this, the locksmith can confidently do the action required for the lock to be unlocked, and that is to drill it. Talking to the client properly can reduce the pressure and fear of getting their property into damage. There must be an allotted time and effort to perform the drilling of the lock successfully and adequately. Once they already agreed, that will serve as a contract of agreement between the client and the locksmith. This can push the locksmith to start and continue the needed task. If not, then there is no reason for the locksmith and the technicians to start drilling the lock.

Have a ready to install a replacement lock

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The process of drilling the lock should not be done, knowing that there is no available replacement lock ready to be installed. A selection of replacement locks must be provided to the client to choose the desired design of their new lock. By considering this, it can result in smooth and successful drilling and replacement of the lock. If there is no available replacement lock for the drilled lock, using a different one can be done. But if there is nothing to be used, then drilling and replacing it should not be done. If the drilling process is done yet, there is no replacement lock, and it can defeat the security of the house and properties inside. A locksmith should not drill and leave the house without replacing the lock with a new one, for it can increase the potentiality of getting robbed. Thus, it is only necessary to always prepare a replacement lock before letting the locksmith perform the drilling process.

To drill properly, the lock must be understood enough.

Even with drilling, there are several types of locks that are not easy to be drilled. One example is the lock that has an anti-drill pin. This kind of lock has a pin made of hard steel and makes it hard to be drilled. Also, consideration must be given to something such as the euro profile cylinder. If the pin is passed through and there is a penetration of the drill into the rotating cam, the door will never get unlocked with the tuning plug. Without a sufficient and profound understanding of the lock’s mechanism, it is only counterproductive for the lock to get drilled. The client’s pressure and stress should never be used as an excuse in an attempt of destructive entry. A lock that has been drilled without finishing it is just a waste of time and materials. Always remember to understand and examine the type of lock that your door or window has.


If these things will be considered and followed accordingly, there is the chance to get your lock repaired and replaced for better functioning. These things will help our team, and our team has better and successful drilling of your lock. Now, to answer if drilling the lock is worth the investment, the answer is yes. Drilling the lock will help you secure your home even better without letting any security defeat you. Aside from that, it will also provide you with greater living. If you now have an interest in our drilling services and others, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. With us, we ensure that you will have a better life and memories.



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