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What Services Does a Commercial Locksmith in Boston Provide?

In recent times, the services a commercial locksmith in Boston provides has evolved. No longer is a locksmith tasked with just securing your private property alone. Now, you can trust locksmiths to ensure the safety of your businesses as well. This may sound all too confusing and new to you.

However, it may interest you to know that locksmiths have been in existence for ages. It is one skill that has been right there before our eyes for many years. In this article, you will learn all about locksmiths in Boston and what they do. You will also get to know the many ways they can benefit you and your business.

One sure thing is that you will be amazed at the full range of services offered by a commercial locksmith. You will also be thrilled with all the benefits you stand to gain by hiring one for your commercial business.

Who is a Commercial Locksmith?

A locksmith is skilled in working with locks on doors, safes, windows, cars, etc. They are professionals in installing, repairing, and adjusting locks in vehicles, homes, and office buildings.

Besides all that, locksmiths also offer consultancy services to individuals locked out of their homes. A business in Boston can also consult with an office locksmith to help with their security systems. The nature of the business already shows it has long been in existence. As long as there have been doors, there have been those specialized in working with them.

What Does a Commercial Locksmith Do?

Commercial locksmiths in Boston offer a wide range of services to their clients. There are many answers to how a locksmith can help your business. The following are professional locksmith services a locksmith in Boston can offer to you and your business:

Installation of New Locks

Your door lock can break or develop a fault at any time. This is especially true if the locks have been in use for a very long time. Hence, you need to install new locks immediately to protect your office or business premises.

With a commercial locksmith in Boston, you have nothing to worry about. They are always available to help in changing your locks when you need to. Besides that, they will also provide you with expert advice on the best door lock systems to use for your business.

Maintenance and Repair of Door Locks and Keys

If you don’t want your door locks to stop working unexpectedly, you must maintain them regularly. Regular maintenance of your door locks and keys will save you from a commercial office lockout when it falls apart unexpectedly. Commercial locksmiths also carry out maintenance services on your door locks.

When they carry out routine checks on doors, they check for any potential issues it may have. If they find that there are issues, they will quickly solve them. While doing door maintenance, they also check to see whether you need to overhaul or rekey the whole door system or not.

Response in Case of a Commercial Lockout Emergency

If your business should ever experience a commercial office lockout, there’s no need to panic. More importantly, you do not need to break down the door or break windows to have access. All you need to do is contact a commercial locksmith near you to help with the faulty door security system. Within minutes they will arrive at your office and unlock the door, getting everyone out or in as the case may be.

Keying Services

A commercial locksmith in Boston can assist with your office’s keying needs. They will provide keys that fit with the high-security locks for your office.

These special keys are designed with active mechanisms and are difficult to read. If there’s a need, commercial locksmiths also help in rekeying current lock systems in your office.

Provision of Security Upgrades

The best commercial locksmiths in Boston know about the new security upgrades available. Therefore, they will let you know about these upgrades and recommend them to you.

These upgrades can improve security in your workplace and property. With them, you can prevent thieves from breaking in.

Installation of Safes

If your business requires safes to protect sensitive information, you can turn to a commercial locksmith in Boston for help. With these safes, you can store hard copies of a valuable company or client information.

Repair and Unlocking of Safes

If you already have a safe installed in your office, but it isn’t very accurate, a commercial locksmith can also help fix it. Sometimes you may forget your safe’s password, or it may malfunction. In cases like this, you will need a locksmith to assist in fixing it.

Unlocking File Cabinets

Many businesses use file cabinets to store some of their valuable documents. Due to frequent use, these cabinets may jam. Instead of breaking the cabinet to retrieve your document, you need to contact a commercial locksmith in Boston to help unlock the cabinet.

Servicing of Digital Locks

If you use digital locks in your office, then you need to service them regularly. Doing this ensures the digital locks function correctly. Hence you need to hire a commercial locksmith to service your digital locks regularly.

Other services commercial locksmiths provide include:

  • Installation of Intercoms.
  • Change of Mortise Locks
  • Repair or replacement of Push Bars
  • Installation of Punch-code systems.
  • Installation of highly secured doors and entrances, exotic locks, and hardware.
  • Consultancy Services.

What to Look Out For When Hiring a Commercial Locksmith

Before you hire a commercial locksmith in Boston, you must ensure they tick the following boxes.

They Must be Experienced and Qualified

Commercial locksmiths deal with your security, which is very important to you and your business. Hence, the service you hire must have the expertise and experience to deal with any problems.

Commercial locksmiths must be qualified for the services they provide and able to handle them efficiently. An unqualified commercial locksmith may cause you more harm than good.

They Must be Reputable

Before hiring any commercial locksmith for your property, ensure you do a background check on them. Check to see they have positive reviews and a good reputation. Good service providers speak for themselves.

If the reviews about a particular commercial locksmith are bad, it says a lot about them. Therefore, ensure you go for the best when sorting your door security issues.

Customer Service is Key

One of the things you should look out for before hiring a commercial locksmith is their customer service. Please take note of the customer service provided by the commercial locksmith while inquiring about their services.

The nature of customer support you receive at this stage says a lot about their service delivery. A top-notch commercial locksmith will be responsive and committed to ensuring your satisfaction at all times.

Do You Need a Commercial Locksmith Today?

You now know the professional services a commercial locksmith in Boston can provide. You are likely in need of one of those services at your commercial business. Besides, it is important to have one in case of emergency services.

Thankfully, you are in the right place. Mobile Locksmith Squad provides speedy, reliable commercial locksmith services. We handle all lock, security, and lockout issues for commercial businesses in the Boston area.

Call us today for all of your high-security locks! Our services are available for residents in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville, Belmont, Medford, Newton, chestnut hill, Wellesley, Quincy, Watertown, Needham, Dedham, and more!



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