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Commercial locksmith services are vital for our workplaces and businesses. Most importantly, a commercial locksmith in Boston, MA, can resolve any problem related to commercial doors, locks, and keys connected to the office and entrances. Security is most important for any business. This is why Mobile Locksmith Squad provides experts and professional commercial locksmith for keys replacement, duplication of keys, and lock installation, lock repair, etc.

Why we are the Best Commercial Locksmith in Boston, MA.

Mobile Locksmith Squad in Boston, MA, has been in the locksmith industry for over 20 years. We have a highly experienced and skilled team and personnel of commercial locksmiths in Boston, MA. All our locksmiths are certified to deal with all types of locks and keys. For commercial needs, we know the importance of having a secured office and entire business premises. Therefore, if your locks need a repair, servicing, upgrade, or maintenance, Mobile Locksmith Squad has got you covered. Also, we provide lock installation, safe lock, mails, and cabinets change. Below are some of the commercial locksmith services which we pride ourselves on;

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Electric strike installation

New Lock Installation in Boston, MA

If you have shifted to a new home or office and require a change or installation of a new lock system, consider a commercial locksmith in Boston, MA. We have all the quality materials necessary for the type of work. This way, you can have the composure and know that your business, home, or organization is protected and safe. If you replace the locks in your new location, you protect your business or home from theft, compromise, and vandalism.

The correct installation can only be done by qualified personnel with extensive experience and skills. As the best commercial locksmith in Boston, MA, we work hand In hand with different Lock Company to consult before providing the right security systems in your building.

Mailbox and Cabinet Change

Cabinets and mailboxes are some of the most usually used accessories of an office. They are operated several times than any other locks. Locker rooms, desk drawers, and even the office’s storage lockers are frequently used as much as the cabinets and mailboxes. Therefore, with time, the locks got damaged and stopped being active. When this happens, depending on the degree of damage, a professional commercial locksmith in Boston, MA, can decide whether to repair the worn-out parts or to replace them entirely. Cabinets and mailbox are crucial for storing crucial documents.

Commercial Re-keying

After losing the key as a result of burglary of accidentally consider changing the key. This will help any unauthorized person from getting access to your premises. If you find the cost of replacing or repairing the lock system too expensive for you, consider hiring us for re-keying service. In this process, the operation of the locks will change. Therefore, the original key becomes useless. Afterward, we make a new key from the new configuration of the lock system. We consider this a bit cheaper but the right method of upgrading your business premises’ security systems.


Lock Repair and Installation

Mobile Locksmith Squad in Boston, MA, provides active lock repairs service; whenever your lock gets damaged contact them. We provide locks repair services at an affordable price; therefore, consider contacting us in case you need repairing lock services. We also offer an emergency lock change service because we operate a 24/7 system. Lock repairing service is done correctly by a professional expert and not anybody. For the right and proper repairing, consider hiring a mobile Locksmith Squad in Boston, MA.

Master key systems Installation & Repair

Carrying around a bunch of keys now and then can be so tedious to many of us. More so when operating different doors of organization or house. These bunches are too heavy and hard to carry on. That is why there is a need for a master key. A professional Mobile Locksmith Squad in Boston, MA, will all lock in a building, then we create a most effective master key that can open all the installed locks. If you want all the locks unlocked, you can change the ones that do not fit the master key requirements. A master key is a solution to this rather than a bunch of keys because it saves you the time to look for a particular key.

Why A Master Key System

Furthermore, it is more comfortable to carry around because it is a single key. Also, a master key gives access to every separate room on the premises without a struggle. For long-lasting, genuine, and highly cost-effective master key systems, Mobile Locksmith Squad has them worldwide in Boston, MA.

In conclusion, consider contacting Mobile Locksmith Squad for cost-effective, long-lasting locksmith services in Boston, MA.



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