High Security Locks in Greater Boston, MA

high security locks in Greater Boston, MA

To many businesses, the cost of key replacement arises from unauthorized duplication or missing keys. However, blank keys are not accessible on the open market. Consequently, it becomes hard to copy the keys even with authorization. As a result, you may find that your institution requires to replace locks to ensure security decreases. That is where a commercial locksmith comes in to help in successful replacement.

Benefits of High-security locks.

High-Security Door Lock System Benefits Reduce Costs in the Long Run

There is one of the significant benefits of high-security locks is that they are strictly impossible to select. That’s because they use two levels of biaxial key cutting. These machines produce angled cuts inside the lock that are very hard to force open by picking the lock. This, in turn, helps your business to avoid costs associated with a theft that can be financially crippling.

A pick-resistant lock is no use if a determined invader can drill the lockout of its housing. That is why all the most safety door locks come with drill resistant housings. They prevent the burglars from removing the locks from the doors any time. With those features reduce theft, but it also means you won’t face the expense of replacing broken bolts with new ones to re-secure the property after struggled break-in.

Mult-T locks

Are you looking to increase the level of security in your home or office space? Did you recently experience a break in and need to repair your locks? Do you feel the need to upgrade the locks in your home?  With the multi-T locks, your home is safer, and you have better access control for your home. Imagine if you could rely on the security your locks provide.

Additionally, they are easier to install and are cheaper than regular locks. Over and above all, if you choose Mult-T locks, you have the guarantee of high quality services. Also, we offer installation, repair, and re-keying services. Whether you want an upgrade for your locks, a lock change or any locksmith service, experts specializing in Mult-T locks have got you covered.

Medeco locks

Are you looking for a lock and key system that allows you to choose the level of security of the key? Do you want to have a key in which you decide the level of protection for your key during duplication? If you do, then, the Medeco keys are the way to go. With a wide range of Medeco products, from deadbolts to cam locks and padlocks or switch locks, we have got you covered. With our locks, you get to choose who has your locks.

For this reason, you can easily have access control to your commercial or residential space. Additionally, we have fully stocked installation kits. As a result, you can be sure that once you call us, you will not be disappointed.

High-Security Door Lock Systems Can Be Customized to Meet Your Needs

Door lock systems do not necessarily mean improved security. High-security door offers a highly customizable system that you can personalize to fit your business’ requirements. If you intend to secure multiple locations, you can even modify each system to fits the specific demands of the individual working environment.

Rekey able Locks Allow You to Immediately Reset Locks

In many instances, you have to replace keys because an employee lost or misplaced the key. However, with security door lock system, installing another lock is expensive. Re-key-able bolts are the trending locks that you can freely reset when you misplace or lose your key. This means that anyone who attempts to use lost or stolen key will not be able to access. Therefore, you are safer as the other key is invalid.

All types of keys in a high-security lock are programmable. This includes grand master keys, master keys, and even great grand master key systems. With experienced expertise, you have the guarantee of safety all across your building.

High-security locks make use of high-security cylinders to ensure the security of your rekey able system. Such locks are applicable in a wide range of housing building. They provide the ability to reset latches without damaging the safety of the overall system.

Track Serialized Keys With Cloud-based Key Tracking Software

Another useful feature of the high-security lock is their ability to track the serialized keys. They provide a cloud-based key control software solution which allows administrators to get the track of the other keys. Having this app administration will identify the key holder, the location and quickly check the door that each key offer access to. Serialized keys also eradicate key duplication that can be a major security risk in some institution.

Residential Locksmith in Lawrence, MA

High-Security Door Lock in Greater Boston

Many of the features of high-security door lock systems operate together to ensure the security of your business’s physical property. Furthermore to the physical features provided by the locks. They also offer dedicated programs that can assist every member of the organization act in a way that promotes security. The programs have the following ongoing training, education, and support to assist administrators to create organization-wide policies that ensure the effectiveness and security of your system.