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Are sometimes intrigued by the fact that the door opens and closes so effortlessly by the turn of its knob? Even more, the weight of the door is seamlessly insignificant when you have quality door knobs. To make all this together, door knob installation, door knob repair and maintenance, as well as door knob replacement are all vital practices for fluid operations on your door. In this article, we will focus on these three aspects, but importantly, door knob replacement in Greater Boston, MA.

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What makes up a good door knob?

Certainly, a door knob comprises of different components that work together to enhance operations. Even though you may not see the practical working of the door knob, all facets in it work jointly to either turn the door lock open or close. A good knob, should have at least two door knobs (one that opens from the outside, and the other that opens from the inside) where one of them has three spindles. These spindles causes a counter effect on the other knob making it turn concurrently. Additionally, the knob must have a latching unit, and a strike plate. The strike plate holds the latch on the door frame.  

These are the four basic components of a door knob. Before you think about door knob installation, repair or maintenance, you have to consider all these features of the door knob.

When to call for door knob replacement in Greater Boston, MA.

Due to normal wear and tear, a knob is not resistant to wear and tear. Thus, over time you will notice that the door knob operates less efficient than before. Moreover, you may here the mechanical operation of the knob as you turn the knob to open your door. These are the first signs of a worn out door knob and thus it is time you call an expert locksmith in Greater Boston for Door knob replacement.

Other than, door knob replacement, you may call a reliable residential locksmith for repair and maintenance. You should never disregard regular maintenance checks and repairs if any. This way, you will be on the safer side, and avoid undue inconveniences on your door. When you identify a problem on your door knob, do not wait until it is too late. Call us today and we will restore the knob to its original condition.

But how do you carry out Door Knob Replacement procedure?

As technical as it might sound, replacing a doorknob is not a complicated task not unless you decide to maneuver your ways. For Your Information, all latch units have universal sizes such that the distance and the size of the hole on the door frame are the same. This is the standard rule for all door lock unit. With this in mind, you can be confident to install the doorknob by yourself or else call an expert locksmith for door lock services

Insert and fasten the Latch on the door.

As mentioned above that the cutouts on the door are universal, you should not find it a big deal to insert the latching unit on the door. However, you have to make sure that the angled part on the door knob bolt is inserted in such a way it faces towards the frame. After inserting the bolt, you can now fasten it into place.

Inserting the Outside/exterior DoorKnob.

This is the doorknob with spindles. It is the exterior/outside knob. But how do you install it? One of the half-moon shaped spindle should be inserted from the outside through the hole on the latch. The other two spindles, are ones where the screws from the inside knob will go into. However, you have to be careful at this stage since the knob is not yet fastened and thus you have to keep holding it into place.

Inserting the Interior/inside Door Knob.

The knob as a unit should all fall right into each other flawlessly. At this stage, the interior knob must slide over the other two spindles on the exterior door knob, making it easy for screw holes to align. When you are all set, make sure to fasten the screws making it easy to turn the bolt for easy opening.

Lastly, fit in new strike plates and ensure the latch unit goes over them smoothly. This is all it take for a fast door knob replacement in Greater Boston, MA. Moreover, it is advisable to check the door hinges to ensure that all components on your door all match up.