Emergency Lock-out in Greater Boston, MA

Emergency lockout in Greater Boston, MA

At Mobile Locksmith Squad we suggest that you talk to us, get to know us and build your confidence in our reputation. Then, if you are in a desperate situation, you have a company to rely on that acts promptly. Contact us, let us assess your security needs, you may need a few keys, or one key fit all of your locks. This way we will establish a trusting relationship that will come in handy one day. Additionally, having a professional locksmith at your disposal makes more sense rather than making a quick decision at the time of an emergency lockout in Greater Boston, MA. Our professional locksmiths demonstrate the highest levels of integrity and discretion.

Emergency Lock-out in Greater Boston, MA

Automotive lockout in Greater Boston, MA

If you have lost or broken the keys to your car, Mobile Locksmith Squad is here to cover all makes and models. Our staff who have experience and technical skills have tools that will get you back without damaging your vehicle. Mobile Locksmith Squad can make transponder keys, VAT Keys as well as trunk and glove box keys. Our team of experts has the wisdom to perform services quickly at customer friendly prices. We can handle a wide range of locksmith and security services that relate to it. These include; computer flashing, key cutting, and automotive emergency lockout in Greater Boston, MA.

House emergency lockout in Greater Boston, MA

At Mobile Locksmith Squad we are proud to offer a 24-hour home lockout service at customer friendly prices. Mobile Locksmith Squad offers locksmith solutions to any locks and doors. In case your key is stuck in the car lock it’s best to call us as soon as you can. Using much force trying to extract the key yourself your key may break in the ignition cylinder.

Faulty locks

A faulty door lock can be frustrating especially if it happens as unexpectedly as it always does. At Mobile Locksmith Squad we open, repair or replace damaged locks. Many factors contribute to the actions to be taken in terms of faulty door locks. These include credibility of the bolts, the extent of damage, the cost of repair to the value of replacement. We will look into the feasibility of repairing the faulty lock as this can be cost-effective than the full alternative. Lock replacement depends on the condition of the lock, but this is something we assess before starting any work.

Commercial lockout services

Site survey

At Mobile Locksmith Squad we provide a free review and make recommendations to match your house insurance policy. We can do a quotation over the phone or visit your area and do a full site survey. The site survey services help in understanding the exact problem and determination of what tools to use.  Our services are affordable to our customers anytime they in need. We offer site survey to both residential, vehicle and business lockouts.

Hi-security lock installation

We offer professional installation, door opening, lock repair, and replacement services. We equip each one of our technicians with tool and equipment at his disposal. We have a variety of security options including smart and digital locks that offer more versatility and convenience options.