Commercial Hi-Security Locks in Boston, MA

High-security locks in Boston, MA

Modern technology has converted the universe into just a global village. This means that people can share information within the blink of an eye. It’s also intriguing how people have access to resources within the workplace. Due to the sake of security, business owners have considered it a wise move to introduce locks that can govern the access of resources. This brings us to different physical locks available in the market. Of course with the many firms manufacturing them, it’s easy to get caught up between. At Mobile Locksmith Squad we provide the best Commercial Hi-Security Locks in greater Boston, MA. Our goal is to realize the surety of your property and resources. Our commercial locks are integral and we issue warranties to ensure you are well covered for the first lock use.


Mobile Locksmith Squad prides on their artistry that regards all security lock services. We have a team of professionally trained technicians to deliver installation and repair of high security locks. When it comes to commercial areas, security of people and property is a mainstay. For this reason, you need to hire a company that makes your every penny worth the while. We have teams deployable around the clock to attend to your commercial locksmith services. Our expertise over the years has go above and beyond customer expectations. We are also happy to witnesses the exponential growth of our customer base. It’s never too late until it is. Give us a call and we shall take your security to a whole new level.

Types Of Hi-Security Locks In Greater Boston, Ma

We have in our possession three different categories of commercial Hi-security locks in Greater Boston, MA. These locks have their own purposes and it’s always advisable to consult beforehand. Our technicians are well trained to handle all Hi-security locks related services. Our locks include:

Deadbolt Locks

These locks are the most rampant and found mostly in homes, apartments and hotel rooms. Deadbolt locks are highly campaigned for due to their difficulty to surpass. They include types like weslock, gatehouse, masterlock, kwikset and schlage. They mostly entail a sliding bar behind the security door.

Mortise Deadlocks

These locks are similar to the latter but are more secure. They have a key that puts the sliding bar in position where it completely blocks access from outside the door. The key is required to open and close from both sides. Their lock mechanism is also more complex than that of deadbolts. They include; marks, belwith, global, yale and Baldwin.

High-Tech security Options

As sighted earlier on, technology has cut across a lot of platforms to include the commercial hi-security locks in Greater Boston, MA. Nowadays we have witnessed door lock systems that require security codes and biometric scans to gain access. These locks also utilize Bluetooth and wifi networks accessible physically or remotely through a mobile phone.


Security locks are not the type of products you take off the shelf daily. As such, you need to make a prudent decision right from the word go. We have different types of security locks. We leave them at the discretion of our clients to choose whichever they like. If clients don’t have a concrete insight on the lock that suits their needs best, we give expert advice. Our prices are friendly and reasonable to ensure your budget isn’t marginalized whereas getting quality products and services. We have a team of field technicians who have a long time exposure in this task. They know everything there is to know about security locks to ensure all your security needs are met to the latter. We also offer discounts to our customers.


Just as all other equipments, security locks also malfunction or suffer mechanical damage. When this happens, we expect maintenance calls. This is actually rare but comes eventually. If handled with care, security locks take a long time before getting faulty. That said, we have technicians to handle lock repairs. They have the knowhow to assess damage. They are also able to study the mechanism to identify exactly where the fault is coming from. We also have the proper tech to inspect faults to ensure every fault is attended. We leave your lock good as new. Our prices are budget friendly.

Commercial High security LOCK REPLACEMENT SERVICES

You know it’s time to call your locksmiths when the locks get faulty. Luckily for you, Mobile Locksmith Squad is in operation every day of the week every hour. We know that reliability is an aspect especially when security is breached. You need an expert to handle your repair services to ensure everything is back on toes. It’s possible to try to troubleshoot the lock on your own but the risk is you can cause more damage. For this reason you need to let us handle the work at a good consideration. We are just a call away.