Locksmith in Lawrence, MA


Security is the epitome of our peace of mind. The level of security for our homes or commercial areas depends on the locksmith you hire for the job. In Lawrence, MA, the place to take all your security issues is Mobile Locksmith Squad. We have the experience, reputation and skills to offer quality locksmith services. Below is what our services entails in brief.

Automotive locksmith services in Lawrence, MA

Timely, speedy and efficient car services is what we want whenever we have troubles with our cars. At Mobile Locksmith Squad, we are the partner you need for reliable auto locksmith services. We have the expertise and training necessary to offer quality automotive locksmith services in Lawrence, MA. Whether it is at two in the morning or three in the afternoon, we have your back. We repair and replace faulty car locks. Also, sometimes, your car keys get stuck in the ignition or in the locks. We are whizzes in retrieving these keys without causing damages to your car. Besides, we can get you out of a lockout within minutes. We are a mobile company. Thus, we bring all these and other services wherever you are.

Residential locksmith services in Lawrence, MA

It is at your home that you reside after a long day of work hoping to relax and enjoy the peace of mind. This is only possible when you have high level security for your home.  When looking for a residential locksmith in Lawrence, MA, think of Mobile Locksmith Squad. For years now, we have upgrading residential security systems, repairing locks and offering quality re-keying and key duplication services. With high levels of innovation, we install security systems in manner that it is not easily hack-able. We install surveillance systems so that you can closely monitor any part of your home. Besides that, we offer house key duplication services. With our daily busy schedules, we can easily forget where we placed our keys and end up being locked out of our houses. All you need is a second key. Just call us for timely key duplicating services today.

Emergency locksmith services in Lawrence, MA

Have you lost your car keys? Are you locked out of your office? Can’t you get to your home late at night? No need to worry. At Mobile Locksmith Squad, we offer emergency locksmith services. Whether it is in your home or at your workplace or even your car, we are always there for you. Our locksmith in Lawrence, MA are able to offer quality, timely, efficient and reliable emergency services. Being mobile, we bring these services at your door step. Besides, we have our locksmiths evenly distributed in Lawrence, MA. Therefore we send the team near your location. It does not matter whether it is during the day or at night. We offer 24/7 locksmith services. Whether it is your locks, a problem with your car keys, need for system upgrade, we have your back.

Commercial locksmith services in Lawrence, MA

At Mobile Locksmith Squad, we offer a range of services to commercial areas. Some of these services include

Commercial high security locks installation

We install high security locks. Our commercial locks are quite different in terms of heir make and security levels compared to residential places. We have different styles of locks made to meet different types of needs. We have locks that suit steel doors, glass doors heavy duty doors and automatic doors. Also, we have locks that are suitable for external doors and those for internal doors.

Lockout situation

Sometimes we find ourselves locked out of our offices. There is no need for breaking into your office. We can help you get back to your office within no time. Whether it is he problem with the locks or the door is somehow stuck, let us be the one to resolve the situation.

Reliable locksmith services in Lawrence, MA

It is very easy to forget your safe combination or lose the key for your safe. Thus, it is always prudent to have a contact of a reliable safe locksmith in Lawrence, MA. Here, we discourage our clients against trying to forcefully open the safe. This will only make matters worse and will translate to higher costs of repairing and opening the safe. We have the tools and equipment to help us open the safe without causing any damages to your safe. Besides repairing a safe, we are also whizzes in installing them. Hence, if you are looking forward to purchasing a safe, let’s be the ones to install it for you.