Residential Locksmith in Braintree, MA


The need to keep safe your family, pets and properties is momentous. It might sound a little bit usual but it stops when there’s a break in at your home. You really don’t need to be home to keep everything safe. At just a considerable price, you can get high security locks thanks to technology. We, Mobile Locksmith Squad operate in Braintree, MA bring residential lock solutions at your doorstep. With decades of accumulative experience, we render quality residential locksmith products and services. We have partnered with lock manufacturers to enable us get genuine products for your use. Also, we offer installation of new locks, repair damaged ones and replace the faulty. We also upgrade existing locks to better ones. Visit us at Braintree, MA or call us for best residential lock solutions.


Best locksmith companies go beyond just basic key replacement endeavors. The growth in technology has brought new advanced locks into the market. It’s however easy to obtain a fake lock due to their resembling genuine ones. To protect you from such frauds, we offer you genuine products. We partner with lock manufacturing companies to bring the best there is in the market. We have had decades of experience thus we are confident in offering good quality products and services.  Our technicians are well trained and exposed to different lock models and types. This way, we can recommend the best product for your residential needs. Our prices are pocket friendly to ensure your budget remains intact. Call us any time or visit us at Braintree, MA.


The change of home locks is necessitated by the gravity of security detail. We always advise our client to change entire lock systems whenever they relocate. This is due to the possibility of intruders having their way inside your home. With better lock systems, you can have the peace of mind knowing your property is safe. We, Mobile Locksmith Squad bring to your lock change services. We also replace old locks and install new ones to match the ongoing technology growth. It’s risky to have damaged locks on your doors. It makes your property vulnerable to theft every time you are away or asleep. We can help you pass the test of security video with our vast knowledge. It’s necessary that the locks on your home doors, patios, garages and mailboxes are integral. This way your privacy is guaranteed.


Lockouts are not a foreign language to homeowners. The problem is that they catch you unawares. Losing a key to your house or sometimes locking it in is problematic. This kind of lockout causes delays and messes with your daily routine. In the worst case scenario, you get locked out at night or during harsh weather. This puts you in a bad place and jeopardizes your life. We, Mobile Locksmith Squad can sneak you out of such problems. With superfluous knowledge and experience with most common door locks and keys, we can hand you a solution. We are able to make pretty much any key and also pick any lock. This way, you regain access to your house or room within your residential premises. Our response time is amazing and we are able to arrest emergencies in good time. Visit us at Braintree, MA or call us.


Loss of home keys is not unusual especially during hurries and rush hours. For this reason, you need to always have an extra key. These surplus keys can be possessed by other family members. This way, you don’t have to worry when you lose your keys. With modern tools and well trained technicians, we can surpass any locks. Having a duplicate key for yourself is however a long lasting solution. We make key duplication at a considerable price. This ensures we don’t take your budget beyond the margins. With professional locksmiths by your side, you can get flawless keys good as the original ones. You can visit our offices at Braintree, MA or just call us.


Losing keys, damaged locks and locking keys in the house is an expected risk. Even with these occurrences being inevitable, there’s a way to mitigate their likelihood. First, affiliating yourself with a reliable locksmith is a plus. Any time you encounter an emergency, you need a locksmith that can arrest you situation. Who better does it than Mobile Locksmith Squad? We provide around the clock locksmith services to ensure we attend to you when you need us most. Our response time is impressive and the cost is fair. Visit us at Braintree, MA or call us.