Locksmith in Braintree, MA


Upgrading the security system of your place, key cutting and lockouts are some of the reason you might need the services of a locksmith in Braintree, MA. Contact Mobile Locksmith Squad for the following locksmith services;

Automotive locksmith services in Braintree, MA

Car lockout situation are very frustrating. Getting yourself locked in or out of your vehicle is not a problem to be addressed by just anybody. You need to contact a licensed and trained locksmith whenever faced by an automotive problem. Whether it is during the day or night, our professionals have you covered in all your car troubles. No matter how severe your problem looks like, we have the skills and knowledge to get your car on the road once again. We are all you need if you are looking for reliable and efficient automotive locksmith services in Braintree, MA. Besides lockout situations, we also offer car key duplication services and programing services. Whatever type of car key you have, transponder, smart keys or remote controls, we program them all. Also, we offer ignition repair services and lock repair and new installation services.

Residential locksmith services in Braintree, MA

At Mobile Locksmith Squad, our residential locksmith in Braintree, MA offer the following services;

Re-keying and key duplication services

Re-keying is one of the cheapest ways of upgrading the security of your home. It is cheaper than replacing the entire lock. It involves removing the inner tumblers of a lock and replacing them with new ones. This way, your old keys are no longer functional and therefore need a new key.

Also, we offer key cutting and key duplication services. We have key cutting machines that can cut any type of key you have. Our equipment are of high quality and our professionals highly trained to offer key cutting and duplication services that are second to none.

Lock repair

Locks get faulty and stop functioning. Sometimes, they break when mishandled. Also, we sometimes break in keys in our locks and therefore need them retrieved and the locks repaired. At Mobile Locksmith Squad, we offer lock repair and replacement services. We have the skills to restore the proper working condition for your locks. When removing stuck keys form your locks, we do it with great caution not to cause any more damages. To cater for times when the problem is severe, we have all our professionals insured. Thus, any damages caused when rendering the service is not your liability.

Home security upgrade

When you move to a new home, this is probably the first thing you ought to do. There are many ways of achieving this. You can replace the house locks with high security locks or offer re-keying services. Also, you can install surveillance cameras for close monitoring of your compound. All these are services that we can offer. We also install intercom and access control systems to upgrade the security of your home.

Emergency locksmith services in Braintree, MA

Having a contact of a reliable locksmith in Braintree, MA is very important. It is not possible to tell when you might face an emergency. It might be your car, at home or at your workplace. You never know. With our contact, all your locksmith emergencies are in the right hands. We are whizzes in rendering locksmith services. Our main aim is keeping you secure 365 days. We handle lockouts, replace locks and repair them, offer car key programming and offer key cutting and duplicating services. All you need is to make us a call. You have the problem, we have prompt solutions.

Commercial locksmith services in Braintree, MA

Are you locked out of your office? Do you need a security upgrade for your business place? Reach out to us today.. We are commercial locksmiths in Braintree, MA with the skills and training necessary to keep your premises secure 24/7. We install access control systems, surveillance systems and high security locks. Contact us for top-notch commercial locksmith services.

Safe locksmith services in Braintree, MA

We install safes in our homes or workplaces to store our valuable documents, cash or jewels. Thus, when they are faulty, we lose the peace of mind knowing that their safety is at risk. Again, installing safes and repairing them is not some task to depend on any person. You need a trustworthy partner, who will keep whatever is the safe confidential. At Mobile Locksmith Squad, you can rely on our team for quality installation and repair services. You can rest assured that we will leave your content undamaged and the safe in its proper working condition. Confidentiality is a key element all our clients consider in the course of rendering services.