Commercial Locksmith in Newton, MA

The craft of locksmith is invaluable to human progress. From the ancient days, the early days of civilization to the modern age that involves digitization of the craft, locksmith services are important in the day to day life of any human. Commercial locksmiths in Newton, MA deal with more than just key cutting and lock repairs. There is a wide range of locksmith in Newton, MA. However, if you are looking for a trusted and qualified commercial locksmith, then look no further. Mobile Locksmith Squad provides the best locksmith services. With the reputable record in the industry, you can be sure to receive the strongest line of security.

Our services include:

Re-keying in Newton, MA

If you move to a new place to set up your business operations, you need to be sure that your documents, equipment and, money is safe. You cannot be sure if you are not certain how many people have the keys to the locks that should protect your business. Instead of replacing the locks, rekeying by a professional commercial locksmith in Newton, MA is a viable option.

When rekeying, the locks re reconfigured. After the configuration, a new key is made to work with the new lock configuration. This way, the original key cannot open your lock. Then you can have the peace of mind knowing your business is safer.


Commercial Locksmith in Newton, MA

This includes services such as car lockouts, lost car keys, remote programming, transponder key cutting, and programming and ignition repair and replacement. you can trust Mobile Locksmith Squad to offer you the best Locksmiths in Newton, MA

Lock installation in Newton, MA

Locks on business doors are one of the most used components of the door. With time, they wear and tear, reducing their efficiency. Locks with low efficiency compromise the security of your business. Therefore, it is important to have them replaced or repaired. At Mobile Locksmith Squad, we have the functional, aesthetically pleasing solutions to all the above problems.

We install, repair and replace locks. We supply genuine hardware for the locks, straight from the manufacturers. With the invaluable experience we have gained from the industry, we can confidently install any type of lock on any type of door. In no time, you will have your new locks up and operational.

High-security locks in Newton, MA

High-security locks are hard to break. As such, they take up a lot of time and energy to go through. For this reason, they are the best to recommend to any business. Since they offer top-notch security, you can have some peace of mind knowing that your valuables in the office are safe. However, in order for the locks to work effectively, they need precise installation. Trained, insured, licensed and verified commercial locksmiths can do that for you. In Newton, MA, Mobile Locksmith Squad provides the best locksmiths to handle these high-security systems.

Safe lockout in Newton, MA

In the market, there are many different types of locks for businesses. The security level varied with the opening mechanism of each lock. Safes protect important documents, money and other valuable items from the prying eyes. Opening a safe requires experience and extensive training. With the right set of tools and expertise, the locks can be opened without compromising the safe. However, 90% of the time, the safes are left unworkable.

At Mobile Locksmith Squad, we strive to use the least destructive methods to open locks in any business premises. We use modern technology we have integrated into our service delivery methods. This way, we deliver fast, reliable, non-destructive and affordable commercial locksmith services in Newton, MA.