Commercial Locksmith in Framingham, MA

If you are looking for a commercial locksmith service provider that you can trust to get the job done right, Mobile Locksmith Squad is your solution, with our diversified top quality services, we are second to none in Framingham, MA. Whether your first experience with our company is an emergency locksmith service or a scheduled lock repair in your business premises, we assure you of quality, reliable and affordable services. We are sure that our extensive experience in the industry makes us your best locksmith company of choice.

We provide a wide range of commercial locksmith services in Framingham, MA. Some of them include;

Re-keying in Framingham, MA

They say once bitten, twice shy. It is unwise to retain the same locks after a burglary. If you find the cost of replacing all the locks on your business premises too expensive, then rekeying is the next plausible action. In this process, the configuration of the locks is changed. Therefore, the original key becomes obsolete.

After changing the configuration, a new key is made for the new configuration. This gives you sole access to the old locks. This is a cheaper but effective method of upgrading the security systems in your business premises.

Master key systems in Framingham, MA

If you carry around the keys to every door in your business’ base of operation, then you must get really tired. Carrying around the large bunch of keys can be stressful. They are hard to store and weigh a lot. That is where the master key comes in.

A professional locksmith in Framingham, MA will survey the types of locks you have installed in your offices. Then he can create the most effective master key that can open most of the locks. If you want all the locks opened, you can replace the ones that do not fit the master key specifications.

A master key is better than the bunch of keys because it saves you the time to look for a particular key. In addition, it is simpler to carry around as it is a single key. Also, a master key provides access to any room in the premises without stress. For genuine, long-lasting and highly effective master key systems, Mobile Locksmith Squad has them all around Framingham, MA.

Door lockouts in Framingham, MA

Mornings can be stressful. It is in that split second that you forget your office keys, only to remember it when at the door. Do not interrupt your busy schedule or cancel it all together. Although lockout situations are hard and stressful, there is no need to destroy company property, and risk injuring yourself while trying to open the locks.

At Mobile Locksmith Squad, we are reputable commercial locksmiths all around Framingham, MA for the top quality lockout solutions we offer. With a range of services, our main one is lock picking. We work hard to ensure that the locks experience the least damages during the picking. Also, we duplicate keys according to the specification of the lock. Therefore, you don’t have to worry anymore. For all industrial lockout situations, Mobile Locksmith Squad has got it all covered.

Master key systems in Framingham, MA

In Framingham, MA, there are many businesses owning a safe. The safes are different in terms of opening and closing mechanisms, shape, material, security grade, and material. When you forget the combination to your safe, jammed the locks or tried to override the security systems and only made the matter, you lock yourself out of your own safe. This situation is frustrating, especially if you wanted the contents of the safe pronto.

If you are locked out of your safe, it is advisable that you call for professional help immediately. Also, drilling the safe is highly discouraged. This is because the debris or drill bits could break and harm you if you do not have the right equipment and safety clothing. Opening the safe without compromising its integrity is what Mobile Locksmith Squad strives to achieve as soon as they arrive at your site. We are an elite commercial locksmith company in Framingham, MA that offers the best and affordable services in Massachusetts.