Commercial Locksmith in Boston, MA

Mobile Locksmith Squad has been in the locksmith industry for a long time. We are an experienced and highly affordable team of experts who are certified to deal with all types of locks in Boston, MA. For commercial needs, we understand the importance of having a safe and secure office. Therefore, if your locks need an upgrade, repair, servicing or maintenance, the Mobile Locksmith Squad has got you covered.

We are the commercial locksmith in Boston, MA. We offer services in Boston, MA that include, but not limited to:

Emergency locksmith in Boston, MA

Any lockout situation is an emergency. You need to gain access to your office so as to progress with your day as initially planned. With the need to attend to your business matter as quickly as possible, it is important to have a reliable emergency locksmith. The locksmith needs to respond on time and come equipped with the right tools to get the job done. At Mobile Locksmith Squad, we have teams that are always ready to respond to alarms.

With our mobile units are strategically positioned at the heart of the business district, you can be sure that we will reach you in the shortest time possible. Whether it is a lockout situation, broken locks or company vehicles, we offer all the services you might need.

Car key duplication in Boston, MA

If you want to have a spare key to your car, then you might opt to duplicate the one you have. If you are constantly in a misplaced car key situation, you might need more than one copy of your car keys. Copying the key is faster and cheaper, compared to completely changing the key. The car key duplication in Boston, MA offered by Mobile Locksmith Squad is fast and easy on your wallet. That is why you should visit the Mobile Locksmith Squad for their car key replacement in Boston, MA service.

Safe lockout in Boston, MA

Safes are important in many business organizations. They provide safekeeping for important company records, cash, and other valuable documents. When you feel like the security of your safe has been compromised, you can call a safe locksmith in Boston, MA to take a look. The locksmith goes further to help you change the combination of the safe to boost its security.

However, there are situations when you are locked out of your safe. In such an event, do not try to override the safe until it is necessary. Also, avoid using drills on the safe as you may damage its integrity and end up injuring yourself.

Different safes open differently. You might not know the mechanism used by your safe, but an experienced and qualified expert will know. This will help in selecting the right approach to use in order to get the safe open in the least destructive way. With the use of modern technology in our methods of offering locksmith services, we are able to open any type of safe and leave it unharmed, ready for use.

New locks installation in Boston, MA

If you have shifted the offices of your company to a new place, it is a wise and valuable investment to change the locks with more secure ones. This way, you can have the composure and know that your business is protected and safe. When you replace the locks in your new location, you safeguard your premises from vandalism, theft, and compromise.

New locks are only effective if they are installed properly. Proper installation can only be achieved by a qualified expert with extensive experience. In Boston, MA, Mobile Locksmith Squad is the company to consult as they offer genuine security systems to be installed by highly qualified commercial locksmith in Boston, MA.

Cabinets and mailboxes in Boston, MA

Cabinets and mailboxes are some of the most commonly used accessories of an office. They are opened and closed more times than any other locks. Desk drawers, locker rooms and even the storage lockers in the office are often used as much as the cabinets. Therefore, with time, the locks tire out and stop being effective. When that happens, depending on the degree of damage, a professional commercial locksmith in Boston, MA can decide whether to repair the worn out parts or to completely replace them.

At Mobile Locksmith Squad, we believe that our clients are entitled to the best. That is why we strive to provide the best quality, affordable, reliable and timely commercial locksmith services in Boston, MA.