Car Key Replacement in Watertown, MA

Car Locksmith in Watertown

When we buy cars, they often come with two sets of keys. One can be used by another person in case you share a car, or it can be a backup in case something happens to one. However, sometimes accidents happen and you find yourself without any key whatsoever. Being locked out of your car can be an extremely stressful situation given that you might need to get something from there or you need to get somewhere really fast. While we might want to get a replacement set from the car manufacturer, it might cost a lot more and also take a lot more time for the key to be shipped to your location. Instead of paying a lot and waiting, you could simply use Car Key Replacement in Watertown, MA services of a professional locksmith in Watertown, MA.

Why Choose Us for Car Key Replacement in Watertown, MA

Whether the car is foreign or domestic, we have the necessary skill and experience to clone the keys for you and give you a capable set that will work just as well as the original ones. Whether we are dealing with smart keys, traditional keys, chip keys or transponder keys, we can replace them all quickly and just at a fraction of what you would get at the dealerships. Here are some of the car key types we specialize on during our car key replacement in Watertown, MA with on various cars.

Key fob

This is the electronic version of the standard key. This key fob usually has a couple of buttons on it programmed to lock and unlock the car’s doors. This one is usually used by old model cars that used this sort of technology when it came out.

Laser-cut keys

These sort of keys are also known as sidewinder keys. Cutting this sort of key needs a special machine because apart from the normal key cylinders, this key also has an in-built transponder chip that must be programmed to your car for it to work flawlessly. We have both the technology and the experience to handle this key with confidence.

Key duplication

At some point, you may need multiple keys for the same such, a key duplication master can come in handy. Key duplication is a skill that’s been around for a long time. However with the help of technology, the playing field has been totally changed. These days instead of cutting the keys by hand, we have machines capable of key duplication in a very short amount of time but with a very high accuracy. With such services in play, it’s no doubt that you will have the most accurate key programming and duplicator on your beck and call.

Car key extraction

In case the key is stuck or broken inside the lock, the best move is to get in contact with us to safely extract the key without damaging the car in any way. The key might be stuck in the ignition or door. As such, contacting a professional to handle the problem is the best way to go. Using our specialized tools for car key replacement in Watertown, MA, we’ll get the key out of the lock without damaging it. Depending on the situation, we’ll float a few ideas around and implement the best one.

Remote keys

These sorts of keys offer you access to the car via a series of programmed buttons cut on a mechanical key. These buttons each has a function to control an aspect of the car. They are usually simple, having two or three buttons at most. These keys need to also be configured to a specific car to ensure seamless operations.

Smart keys

The smart key is an invention aimed at improving security and ease of access into the car. When you have the key on your person, you can simply open the car door and it will automatically open. Provided the key is also inside the car, the car will start without requiring the key be placed in the ignition. These keys are hugely functional and save a lot of time. Car Key Replacement in Watertown, MA is not only time consuming, it’s also a lot more expensive. To properly cut this key, you need the right equipment since they must also be programed to your particular car.